Kitty Friends Pixel Club

dark gray kitty on the left, white kitty on the right, three bouncing hearts between them and a banner below that says kitty friends

As I was wandering around the web I came across a site that had the cutest pixel club! I've been a life-long cat lover and when I found this pixel club I just fell in love with it. The site owner created this club in 2008 but it has since apparently languished. I'd hate for something this cute to be lost to time so I am reviving this pixel club. Please note that the kitty templates and the Kitty Friends graphic are not my original work but creations of Caz from Catch a Star.

Would you like to join the Kitty Friends?


  • Take a template and make it yours! Animate the kitty, if you'd like. Make sure the background is transparent.

  • You're not limited to one kitty - you can have a whole clowder, if you'd like!

  • When you've created your kitty (or kitties), share a link to it and your site URL in my guestbook or email me. You can include a description (like your kitty's name, something about your kitty or even a cat saying or quote) to be added as mouse-over alt text if you'd like!

  • If you decide to make a Kitty Friends page on your own web site, please make sure you link any kitties you adopt to their owner's site.


dark gray kitty opening and closing its mouth and a heart to its right white kitty opening and closing its mouth and a heart to its right blank kitty with open eyes and a heart to its right blank kitty with closed eyes and a heart to its right

My kitty

orange kitty with stripes on her head, blinking eyes and a heart on the right side

My kitty friends!

Halloween Kitties

Christmas Kitties

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