Pixel Art

I've been playing around with pixel art since last year. Now I am no kind of artist *at all*. I've learned how to make those 88x31 buttons and I've found a few pixel art tutorials and made some, I think, cute things. Honestly, I feel like I'm at about this level of artistic ability:

stick man

I've been doing a lot of the daily challenges on Pixil Art. Well, I had been doing them and then I slacked off for a while but I'm back to doing them! Even if I'm not very good, I figure that if I keep practicing then I'll get better. I think the challenges are also good for me because I find that I am surprisingly left-brained and literal sometimes and I'm hoping that this will be an exercise in thinking outside of the box. For example, one of the challenge prompts was "skeleton" and all I thought about was a human skeleton. But after looking at the other entries, people drew all kinds of skeletons! Not all of them were human and there were lots of different styles. So I'm hoping I can train my brain to look beyond the obvious and think of a spin on things.

I think one of my first forays into making my own pixel art was after I found this tutorial. This was my creation:

purple catlike pixel art

Oh wow, that was so fun to make! I wanted to do more but a lot of the tutorials I've found for pixel art have been under the assumption that you're making artwork for a game. Or I find very in-depth tutorials that overwhelm me with detail on shading and light sources and all kinds of other stuff. I just want to make kawaii little objects that blink and bounce. I kept looking and found another tutorial that showed how to make a donut and cup of coffee.

purple cup of coffee with steam
sprinkle donut blinking

Well, that was fun! Except the donut looks more alarmed than adorable but I can work on that.

Here are the rest of my pixel creations. I think I'm happiest about the muffin - he's just so darn cute!

pinkish 3d cube on a green background black bat with red eyes in a yellow oval on a green background minimalist canyon scene with 3 layers of canyon, a green foreground and a river four coins each with a different color and denomination raining down on a light green background feather striped in two browns and white

crystal ball with flashing dots inside old fashioned key on pink background slice of lemon pie with eyes that blink cute blinking muffin image with two alternating images of fancy boots and cowboy boots

green umbrella with raindrops falling down top half of a skeleton web in top left corner with spider with red eyes hanging down sale tag with 9.99 price four leaf clover on a light green background

round shield with decorative markings and a sword below it simple skyscraper with lit windows

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