Charm Bracelet

The Charm Bracelets Pixel Club is a new pixel club/clique and I think it's such a neat idea! When I was in high school I had a charm necklace. It wasn't anything fancy and most of my charms came from the drugstore jewelry section but it was such fun looking for them. About 10 years or so ago, I was very much into the Italian charm bracelets (link in case you don't know what those are). There were so many charms available on ebay! I actually had a double bracelet that I would wear all the time. It's still sitting in my jewelry box but it's been a while since I've worn it or collected charms for it.

Now we can do virtual charms! How cool is that? If you want to add my charm to your bracelet, please make sure it links back here and let me know so we can trade charms!

My charm

orange cat face with a blue fish in each bottom corner

My charm bracelets

A charm of baubles with garnet inside and XANDRA hanging underneath A charm of a heart with pink and cyan stripes underneath the name 'Thesus' A charm of circles with June above it and two hearts below it A round charm with rainbow gems encircling the center A shiny pink bow with a crown on top A single large pearl A spinning Z flips and turns inside of a circle

orange cat face with a blue fish in each bottom corner A shiny silver charm that says AWHE in capital letters. Three mini charms are linked underneath. The first is a purple egg, the second is a red heart, and the third is a pink DS A purple fizzy soda can on its side a shiny rainbow that reads Pira A charm of Hatsune Miku

A charm of static hearts in a row with a plate that says CBPC to indicate the existence of the pixel club A blinking adorable teddybear with the name 'artwork' underneath A six-sided red die with changing pips

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