Interests (the Diverging Rays!)


I've always been fascinated with both of these fields. Possibly this is my mother's fault. She was a true Renaissance woman. Even though she was a bookkeeper by trade and an artist at heart, she studied archaeology (among many other things) while she was in college and went on actual digs.

When I was around 12, we were card-carrying members of the archaeological association in New Orleans. With this group, we went on at least 2 digs - one was in New Orleans itself and it involved excavating a trash heap from the 1800s. I found pieces of broken crockery (I was told they were chamber pots) and both a bone and a mother of pearl button. The other excavation was a mound site in the middle of a soybean field somewhere in Louisiana. I can't remember the little town but I do remember that many of the people in the town seemed to speak with a thick Cajun accent. And chiggers. There were chiggers everywhere. Especially in the clearing where we camped out. But I was allowed to screen fill that was taken from the pits and I did find (although of course was not allowed to keep) several arrowheads. I was also shown how to sift through the fill with a screen and pick out possible items of interest. What a cool experience for a nerdy 12-year-old!

That was archaeology, which very basically is the study of human past through material remains.

I find anthropology, the study of what makes us human, equally fascinating. People have been, well, people, since the beginning. About 4000 years ago, Nanni wrote to Ea-nasir about the quality of his copper shipment and the treatment his servant received during the transaction. Ea-nasir was apparently a shifty businessman because the same site where that tablet was found yielded several more complaints from different customers relating to copper delivery and quality. But can't you just imaging Ea-nasir's Yelp reviews? Over 2000 years ago a Roman soldier serving in Vindolanda wrote that he had received the socks and underwear that was sent to him. And sometime in the 1200s there was a little boy who lived in Novgorod named Onfim. Onfim liked to draw. He left behind several drawings on birch bark which were preserved in the clay soil. We don't know anything else about Onfim, just this glimpse of a little boy doing what little boys have always done - getting bored while writing out lessons and drawing pictures.


I don't consider myself a "gamer" but I do enjoy playing games. I never had an Atari or any of the other early 80s game systems. Honestly, we were too poor for that. My mother did buy us a TRS 80 computer from Radio Shack. You hooked it up to the TV and used a cassette recorder to save your programs which you typed in, by hand, from magazines. I don't remember using that a whole lot, though.

We also loved going to the arcade and playing video games. Some of my favorites were Kick-Man,Ms Pac Man, Moon Patrol, Tapper, Tempest and Tron (but I could never get past the 3rd level). Mom loved Centipede. We both loved pinball machines and my mom could play a quarter forever.

Today I play games on Steam and I have a Switch which was a total impulse buy but which I find quite fun.


So I totally bought the Switch on a whim. And it wouldn't do to get a regular one. I got the Animal Crossing branded one because it came in cool colors. I had no idea about Animal Crossing and, as it turns out, it's really not my jam. However, I have found a lot of neat games to play.

These aren't all the games I have on the switch. Some I also have on other platforms (Cattails, Stardew Valley) and others I haven't played yet (A Short Hike, Guacamelee 2)



I listen to podcasts using the Podcast Addict player on my Android phone. These are the ones I am currently subscribed to:

So that's not all the podcasts on my player but gives you an idea of what I'm into and what I find interesting.


Several years ago I found out about Postcrossing. This is such a cool idea! You sign up to send and receive postcards from all over the world. This isn't a penpal situation. You get an address and send a postcard to that person. A different person will get your address and send one to you! It has been a lovely experience. A couple years ago I stopped because.. well, 2019 and THINGS .. but I've been thinking about picking it up again. It was really cool to find a postcard in my mailbox!

Pressed Pennies

I get excited like a little kid when I find a pressed penny machine. I don't know, I just think they're cool! Not too long ago I found a little book to keep my pressed pennies in. Before that I would just put them "someplace safe" and as a result I now find random pressed pennies when I go through stuff. I have so far found 11 pennies to put in my book. I'm sure I have more tucked away somewhere.

I thought I was just a weird adult, being excited about the pennies because really I think of these machines as something for kids. But apparently pressed penny collecting is a thing and I've found a lot of sites that are everything from where to find pressed penny machines to how to clean your pennies. Crazy, man.

My goal is to get photos of the actual pennies for you all to see but if I wait until I have taken them (and edited them then uploaded them) to upload this section, then no one will ever see this. So I'm going with what I have and it will be an exciting day whenever I add those photos.I have pennies from the following places:

If you want your own pennies, you can check out machine locations here, and here. If you are specifically into Walt Disney World pressed pennies then do a Google search on that because there seem to be a lot of resources out there specifically for that subset of pressed penny collector.

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