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person in a blue armchair with a cat on the floor beside her

I love cats. I have always loved cats. And I have lived most of my life with at least one cat, often times many more.

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One of my earliest memories involves cats. When I was about 3 or so, our family had an orange tabby cat, Kitty George. I remember scooping kitty kibble out of a bag to fill his bowl and thinking that if he liked it, it must be good (3 year old logic, what can I say?). I remember putting a few pieces in my mouth and two things seemed to happen at once: My mother appeared as if from nowhere fussing at me for eating cat food and I came to the very quick realization that kibble was NOT TASTY. Even half a century later I have a visceral memory of stale fishiness. Gah!

I currently share my home with one old lady cat, Celine.

animated kitten with paws on rim of fish bowl looking at orange and yellow striped fish

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An emporium is a large store that sells a variety of merchandise. Well, I'm not selling anything but I do have links for you to all things CAT. This is my CAT-porium, as it were. Below you will find links to art, cross stitch patterns, fun stuff and personal sites, all having to do with cats. Meow!

Cat Art

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Cat Shopping

Cat Cross Stitch

Cat Fun

Cat Personal Pages

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