I finally made it through that book I was having such trouble with in my last blog post. And I actually started liking it toward the end but I am so glad that's over. I have a ton of books to read, mainly a lot of Kickstarter anthologies that all came in at once. But am I reading those? Of course not! I found a new-to-me epic series - Kate Elliot's Crown of Stars series - and I'm on book 3 of 7. This will keep me busy for a while - the books are super long. This one I'm on now is 800+ pages.

Speaking of books, I repaired my e-reader! I am rocking some legacy e-readers: 2 Kindle Keyboards and one Kindle DX. The DX just needed a new battery. It was 3G only so everything will have to be sideloaded onto it. I have 2 Keyboards because the first one had a damaged screen after I tripped over a step and it broke my fall. At the time I just bought another Keyboard and it's been chugging along just fine until it froze on the lock screen and wouldn't do anything. This could have been my chance to upgrade to a new type of reader but I really do like the size of the Keyboard (it's a 6" reader and fits nicely in my purses) and I will give up my physical page turn buttons when I give up my 3.5mm headphone jacks - NEVER. Anyway, I bought a screen and some batteries off of ebay, watched a bunch of YouTube videos on screen replacement and battery exchange and I now have 3 working Kindle readers! I am most excited that I took apart the Kindles and got them back together and they work. I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to fix things so, yay me!

Finished the Silo tv series and it was pretty awesome! Looking forward to the next season, whenever that comes along. Now I'm watching season 8 of Grantchester on PBS.

I took a couple weeks off work, starting on July 5 and I have to go back tomorrow. I really don't want to go back. It's been absolutely delightful being at home with the cats. I did arrange to come back mid-week, though, so I only have to be there for 2 days and then I have my regular weekend. I thought I'd ease back into the flow of things.

I feel like there was more I wanted to say in this posting but I can't think of it and my last little bit of vacation time is ticking away so I'm going to go do something fun before I have to go to sleep at a decent hour.