So I told myself I wasn't going to spend my whole weekend playing games and "working on my website" (which a lot of times just devolves into randomly websurfing). Well, this weekend I've accomplished getting to Act Two in Black Market HD and working towards finishing my collections in Stardew Valley and I've been ... uh ... working on my website.

I've been making my way through Lois McMaster Bujold's Penric and Desdemona series and absolutely loving every minute of it. There are 12 books currently in the series and I'm on #10. I've enjoyed this series so much, I don't know what I'm going to do when I catch up and there aren't any more. Well, obviously I'm going to read other books but you know how it is when you finish a series (or have come to a point where you're waiting for the next book).

As far as TV I've been watching Abbott Elementary and Not Dead Yet on Hulu. Not Dead Yet is really cute - a newspaper obituary writer gets life advice from her subjects. I also watched the 3 seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola that are on HBO Max. I came across some comedy clips of Gina Yashere who produces the show and has a part in it. I thought she was quite funny so I decided to check out the show. On Acorn I'm watching the 2nd season of The Larkins and trying not to watch all the episodes at once. It's set in late 1950s England and I just love, love, love the costuming. I believe the show is based on a book series but I'm not sure how true to the books the show is.

Every Wednesday I check out what YouTube Music has put together for my "Discovery" playlist. I think it's really hit or miss but once in a while I'll find something really great and this past week I did: a musician called Marvel Years. The track that was recommended is this one (bandcamp link): Distant View. Wow, this is SO AWESOME. He tags himself as electronic/electro soul/electro funk so if that appeals to you, check him out. I ended up buying the EP this is on as well as another EP of his.

OK, I'm off to read and listen to some more tunes!