I was late to the cellphone game. My first phone was a Samsung R220 and I probably got that around 2004. I seem to remember the call quality was sketchy and it didn't offer a whole lot. It didn't even have a camera!

red blackberry

I cycled through a couple more phones before I found my way to the Blackberry. I don't remember which one I had first but the last one I had was a sweet red Blackberry Curve. I loved my phone so much! I loved typing on the physical keyboard and I had an app that would let me assign different colors to the notification light - blue/yellow flashing was one person, green flashing another. I had a whole rainbow of flashy light notifications set up. I even paid money to download cute backgrounds. It was the best little phone!

Well, until it wasn't. I eventually moved to a modern keyboard-less smartphone. I hated giving up my precious Blackberry but it was very difficult to accomplish anything online with it. But I always missed my physical keyboard and, until the Blackberry as a phone died, I dreamed of having another one.

I did just recently find out that there is a company out there making phones with Blackberry-style keyboards - Unihertz. They have a few models in their Titan line and I am SO TEMPTED to get my keyboard back. One thing holding me back is that they all ship with old versions of Android and it doesn't look like they get much in the way of updates. Also - stuff today is made for a rectangular smartphone screen and the square aspect of these phones will make some things load oddly.

You know, sometimes things are remembered fondly but then when you get them again it's a big disappointment. I might just keep my happy memories of the Blackberry instead of trying to make it happen again.

it's so fetch

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