About Me

A lot of pages I visit have About Me sections and I enjoy getting to know the person behind the page. So I decided, hey, I'll do an About Page too! If I put down everything I liked in each category, this page would be SO LONG. So this isn't an exhaustive review of everything I like but just a taste of who I am and what I enjoy.






Man, I'm going to have to think on this one. I like so much different stuff! And I have a unique knack of liking a band's one song that doesn't sound like any of their other music (alt J, I'm looking at you with Left Hand Free).

When I was a kid I was weird and really liked listening to the oldies radio station (which at the time played music from the 50s and 60s) and when I was a teen it was very much the pop hits of the 80s with a little New Wave love.

Now? Man, it's really a grab bag. I still love my 80s tunes. I like electronic - I asked my son to help me pin that down since "electronic" is a HUGE spread and he says I like early 2000s house with some good low end and also trance. Which is true. But I also like some other flavors of electronic, like drum and bass (Pendulum) and big beat (Crystal Method). And glitch hop (Thomas Vent)! But I also like stoner rock, some punk-y stuff, synthwave, bluesy stuff, and K-pop.

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